Law schools accept students from a variety of different college majors, and recommend that candidates have strong critical-thinking, writing, and communication skills. Knowledge of current political and social issues is also desirable. Below is a list of courses from Summer 2016 related to pre-law studies that you might find interesting:

  • Introduction to Ethics CAS PH 150
  • Reasoning and Argumentation CAS PH 160
  • Introduction to Public Policy CAS PO 141
  • Introduction to Political Theory CAS PO 191
  • International Human Rights CAS PO 378
  • Law and Gender in the United States CAS WS 342
  • Professional Presentation COM CM 311
  • Media Law and Ethics COM JO 525
  • Courts, Society & Criminal Procedure MET CJ 352
  • Special Education: Students with Disabilities and the Law SED SE 512
  • Introduction to Law SMG LA 245