Business for Non-Business Majors

You don’t have to major in business in order to gain knowledge of useful business fundamentals, such as leadership and management, finance, and marketing. Summer Term offers a special set of courses specifically for non-business majors to help students become familiar with key principles that can be applied to any future career.

There are no prerequisites for courses in the Business for Non-Business Majors series. Non-Questrom students may register for courses directly via the Student Link. These courses may not be taken by Questrom students for credit, nor can they be used by Boston University students toward a Business Administration minor.

Business for Non-Business Majors courses from Summer 2016 included:

  • Introduction to Management SMG SM 101
  • Finance for Non-Management Students SMG SM 104
  • Introduction to Marketing SMG SM 105
  • Personal Financial Planning MET MG 202