Metropolitan College


The following courses are electives within the Master of Arts in Gastronomy graduate program and the Food Studies Graduate Certificate. They are also open to non-degree students who have completed an undergraduate degree.
  • Wild and Foraged Foods

    MET ML 625

    Humans have been foraging for food since prehistoric times, but the recent interest in wild and foraged foods raises interesting issues about our connection to nature amid the panorama of industrially oriented food systems. From political economy to Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), this course explores how we interact with, perceive, and know our world through the procurement of food. Students take part in foraging activities and hands-on culinary labs in order to engage the senses in thinking about the connections between humans, food, and the environment. 4 cr. Tuition: $3820

    Summer 1 (May 23-June 29)


  • Urban Agriculture

    MET ML 714

    Growing food in urban contexts raises interesting questions about food access, nutrition education, perceptions of public spaces, and the place of nature in the urban environment. This course focuses on urban agriculture in Boston and a number of case studies from around the globe. Students visit gardens, learn basic cultivation skills through hands-on activities, and study the social and cultural sides of urban agriculture, as well as the political and city planning aspects of urban agriculture projects. 4 cr. Tuition: $3820

    Summer 2 (July 6-August 15)


  • Programs in Food and Wine

    • A Comprehensive Survey of Wine

      MET ML 652

      This intensive survey covers each of the world's most important geographic areas and includes comprehensive and comparative tastings. This course goes into greater depth than MET ML 651 and is a prerequisite for MET ML 653 and MET ML 654. Students passing this course attain proficiency in the field of wine. 4 cr. Tuition: $3820; lab fee: $325; total charge: $4145

      Twelve-week course (May 24-August 9)


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