You’re Invited: Wellbeing Workshops This Spring

Ready to learn new ways to support your wellbeing? All students are invited to two exciting workshops this semester that will provide them with valuable life skills.

Life Management: Redefining Work Life Balance
February 8, 4-5 pm via Zoom

Do you sometimes feel like you are just surviving? Many people think that if they just had more time, things would be better. However, time is only part of the equation. People thrive when priorities are clear, and goals are aligned with values. In this workshop, learn strategies to integrate what’s most important for YOU into your routines and develop a rhythm that supports your personal, academic, and professional success. Register here 

Wellbeing for Student Leaders
April 5, 3-4 pm via Zoom

At times, student leaders feel stretched too thin or overwhelmed. This workshop will provide you with tools and strategies to promote your own wellbeing and cultivate a culture of wellness within your groups. From recognizing signs of burnout to navigating stressful situations, you will learn practical skills to incorporate right away to make your time as a leader rewarding and manageable. Co-hosted with the Student Activities Office. Register here 


Student Wellbeing also offers workshops for schools, colleges and groups. Content is tailored specifically to your group. Choose a workshop for your group!