New HUB CC offered for Fall ’23!

Student Wellbeing is delighted to be partnering with Undergraduate Affairs and the BU Hub to bring a new cocurricular course to life.  This Hub cocurricular (HUB CC 127) is designed especially for first-year students. Focusing on the mindsets and skills that foster success in college, it introduces students to educational opportunities that can enrich their time at BU, all while promoting holistic wellbeing! Students will have the opportunity to reflect on and talk about their experiences at BU in real-time with their peers, specifically how they’re finding their way in the classrooms, residence halls, dining halls, labs, social spaces and more! Effective Fall 2023, this Hub cocurricular fulfills a single unit in the following BU Hub area: The Individual in Community. To register for a Hub cocurricular, please visit MyBU Student Portal.

Keep an eye out for another cocurricular during spring registration, when Student Wellbeing will be offering a new cocurricular, Wellbeing for Student Leaders.