Boston University Police
The University’s location in a major metropolitan area provides wonderful cultural, historical, and academic opportunities to members of the BU community. And as in any metropolitan area, the issues of crime prevention and personal safety are priorities. The BU Police Department takes pride in maintaining an effective public safety program, offering a variety of services and resources.

  • Crime Prevention
    Find out what crime prevention is, crime prevention tips for dormitory residents, and what to do if you are the victim of a crime. Also find ways to prevent or report sexual assaults, domestic abuse, dating violence, and annoying or harassing phone calls.
  • RAD Program
    The RAD program (Rape Aggression Defense) educates women about defensive strategies to protect themselves against rape and other forms of violence.
  • Scarlet Safe Walk
    The Scarlet Safe Walk provides walking escorts to students and employees seven nights a week, from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. Call 353-4877.
  • Bicycle Registration
    The bike registration service provides you with a registration decal that helps to deter theft and aids police in returning stolen bikes to their rightful owners.
  • Laptop Registration
    The laptop registration service provides you with an aluminum plate that helps to deter theft and aids police in returning lost, stolen, or misused laptops.
  • Reporting
    Online forms and resources for reporting missing property, reporting motor vehicle accidents, and reporting crimes.

Risk Management
Accidents can happen, and property damage can occur. The Risk Management office strives first for prevention and also handles claims and manages other safety issues.