Smartphone Apps

Smartphone Apps Can Help:

Please be aware that since most of us have access to some form of electronic device it might be advisable to look through all available “Personal Finance, Budget, Spending” apps that are available for your specific device. Many are free or inexpensive, yet very effective. We suggest that you examine those available and determine what is best for your needs.

Our research has shown that there are many good apps that can assist in tracking your spending, setting up your budget and evaluating the success or failure of your budgeting process. We cannot specifically recommend any particular products, but suggest that you spend some time in researching these helpful assistants.

Please note, as with any electronic items that are connected to the web, you should be vigilant with regards to entering any personal, identifying or financial data. Remember, identity theft is a serious concern.

DISCLAIMER: Student Loan Accounting and Boston University do not endorse any of these products.