Group Benefits

We welcome the chance to support your activities. Come to us for guidance and assistance any time. We hope you’ll enjoy the many perks of being an official BU student organization.

Publicity & Promotion Perks

  • Get information about your group up on the Student Activities site—searchable for anyone who might be interested. That’s free publicity!
  • Get your events on BU calendars and listings.  Once your event is approved via Engage, it will also be posted on the BU calendar.
  • Spread the word about your group at designated places on campus.

Communication Tools

  • Open a BU email account just for your group. To set up your account:
    1. Complete a Email Request Form from Information Services & Technology (IS&T) and submit, with the top portion completed, to our office.
    2. We will collect the required signature and then you can pick up your confirmation letter at Student Activities the following business day.
    3. Take the signed form and letter to IS&T (first floor of Mugar Library) and they’ll get you all set up.
  • Have a webpage for your group. Once you have your email account, it’s easy to manage your page. IS&T has all the details and can get you started using your group email address.

Group Business Perks

  • Get fiscal advice for everything from budgets to bookkeeping.
  • Use our cash collection materials such as Eventbrite and cash bags for your programs.
  • Reserve BU facilities for your programs and meetings.
  • Apply for funding from the Allocations Board.
  • If you’re an undergraduate group, you’ll have access to the Package Handbook for minimal event expenses.
  • Purchase most group-related items with tax-exempt status via Engage.
  • Get a discounted rate to use Eventbrite for ticket sales through the office.
  • Find up-to-date information on local laws and BU policies.

General Support

  • Get support and advice from Student Activities staff, including information on resources and services.
  • Use BU’s name as a designation of affiliation. Just remember: registration doesn’t mean BU approves or disapproves of any of your purposes, literature, constitution, or programs.
  • Use BU program support at University rates.
  • Have a mailbox at SAO and receive packages.