What Is Engage?
Engage is a web based system that will serve as an all-encompassing club management tool to help you, the student leader, with everything you need to manage your group and plan events. New organization requests, annual organization re-registering, event forms, payment request, and AB funding will all be processed online via Engage.  This system also offers many amazing communication features, you can stay on task and ensure your club is on a path to success when it comes to planning events, group meetings, budgeting etc.  Access Engage here!


Real Time Status Updates for All Requests
Ever curious what’s up with your paperwork after you leave it in the hands of an Activities Consultant? Good news here, you’ll know exactly where it is in the process. When you submit an event request, it will be reviewed by one of our staff and either approved, denied or deferred. If they haven’t reviewed it yet, it will say pending. This is similar for your budget requests. We won’t approve anything on the budget side until your event details have been approved. But you will still be able to see exactly when and who submitted a request and whether or not it has been processed. There is also a comments section where our staff or you can leave comments or questions regarding the status of your submissions.

Profile Updates
Anytime you make updates and changes to your profile on Engage, including roster information, it will sync up with the Student Activities website. All your information will be up to date and accurate as long as you maintain the information. This is great for prospective students and potential new members.



Perks of Your Portal
Engage has really awesome features when it comes to communication. It will be easier for you to communicate between you and your group members, with Student Activities, and with University Departments. You can use Engage to message your group members, even text group members, and create to-do lists to assign tasks to the respective group member so you never miss a beat! You can leave comments on event pages to track your planning progress for group members and the Student Activities staff to see. The bottom line is that all resources will be housed on your organization’s page for easy navigation. Access and manage your roster, keep track of your finances in the Treasury, create events, view upcoming events, store organization files and photos, post news, and keep your members involved with a To-Do list.

Vendors Galore!
Save time by browsing the Approved Vendor List on Engage. You can find a vendor for every type of event and these vendors have been pre-set by the University. What this means is that these vendors know the university payment terms and won’t (or shouldn’t) hound you for payments and when they can expect their check. And if they do, you should tell them to call SABO stat! They can tell them what’s up with their payment.

Meeting with University Partners
The expectations for when you need to speak and meet with university partners like FM&P, SPS, and Catering are all tied in with Engage. Our event packages will be available on Engage, allowing you to select from various event set-up diagrams specific to your space as well as choosing catering packages based on your needs. These university partners will automatically receive your requests via Engage and be able to approve or deny your request online. You will not need to meet with these departments if you select items from our preset packages. By the way, did we tell you these packages were all designed by the programs you already host! AND, the Allocation Board provides the payment for most of these things. If you chose not to use a preset package then expect to do some legwork, pay for it on your own, and meet with departments as necessary for your customized program items.