Fall 2020 Workshop Recordings

All our Fall 2020 workshops will be recorded and shared on this page throughout the semester. If you are unable to attend our Friday workshops, or want a refresher, please feel free to watch the videos below, mark attendance through our online attendance sheet, and reach out to us with further questions, comments or concerns as we navigate our way through this “normal” together.

We urge all incoming students to complete our library’s online orientation module available through Blackboard Learn. This course highlights library policies, and gives tips on paper-writing, crafting thesis statements, and citations.
Library Orientation Video

Our short video shared during the School of Theology’s orientation for incoming students in Fall 2020. Learn the basics about our library. Check out our library orientation module (available in Blackboard Learn).

September 4, 2020: Grammarly Workshop

Learn how to use Grammarly, the top grammar checker software, which offers advanced checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure; vocabulary enhancement suggestions; genre-specific writing style checks; and plagiarism detection. More information can be found on Grammarly workshop page.

September 11, 2020: Request Books, Scans, and Contactless Pickup

Participants will learn how to gain access to needed books for their research available through BU Libraries Search and course reserves. If not available as e-books, participants will learn how to place contactless pickup, scanning-on-demand, and mailing requests of items within the Theology Library. More information can be found on our How to Find Books page.

September 18, 2020: Graduate Level Reading and Note-Taking

Participants will learn tips and tricks to better comprehend what you are reading for class by discovering your learning style, making lifestyle changes, and building an arsenal of techniques to use during your next assignment. This includes: physical and mental wellbeing tips for ultimate information integration, how to read for your learning style to maximize comprehension, the questions to ask about books and articles to make notes (not take notes), and learning to actively engage with the text with tools, handouts, and other tricks!

October 2, 2020: Theological v. Historical Papers

Participants will learn the key differences between theological and historical papers. They will begin to think critically about course readings and textbooks, and how to cite those in a theological or historical essay or reflection paper. Finally, they will learn more about what kinds of primary and secondary sources would be appropriate for a theological or historical research paper. 

October 9, 2020: Writing Research Papers

This workshop presents BU Libraries Search, which features the BU libraries book and media holdings, as well as access to articles and online journals found in many of our databases. Participants will learn to: Develop a topic and brainstorm, Identify needed evidence to advance their thesis, Discern between primary and secondary sources, Create an outline and mind maps, and Write a organized, persuasive research paper. Slides, Handouts, and Videos: Video: Anatomy of a Research Paper Video: Thesis Statements Video: Primary Sources

October 16, 2020: Evaluating Resources

This workshop seeks to give participants a framework (the ACCORD method) for evaluating each encountered resource during the research and paper-writing process to determine its applicability and usefulness in graduate-level scholarship at the BU School of Theology. By exploring the ACCORD method point-by-point, with active learning techniques, participants will begin to think critically about resources. Resources from the Theology Library’s Pre-Orientation Information Literacy course (via Credo): Video: Evaluating Resources Tutorial: Evaluating Information

October 23, 2020: How to Find Articles

This workshop presents the STH Library’s Databases page, its carefully curated list of religion and theology related databases, and the ATLA Religion database. Participants will learn to navigate to the BU STH Library E-Resources page, and choose appropriate databases for their research needs. In the ATLA Religion database, participants will learn to search for and discover articles, book reviews, and book chapter citations, download, save, and email full-text articles, save citations, search results, and searches, search for articles related to specific Biblical scripture citations and pericopes (passages) using the ATLA Hierarchical Scripture Authority, and to broaden the search scope to search across other relevant EBSCO databases simultaneously. View our Databases page and an additional tutorial on choosing and using keywords.

October 30, 2020: Plagiarism Workshop

Learn how to give credit where credit is due, and get useful tips on how and what to cite in your research papers. This workshop covers: expectations for graduate-level research, university guidelines on plagiarism, citation styles for theology and related fields, and tips for when and what to cite.

November 6, 2020: Biblical Exegesis Workshop

This workshop teaches how to research a Biblical exegesis paper, including how to find and choose appropriate commentaries, and how to search important databases like the ATLA Religion database, Old Testament Abstracts, and New Testament Abstracts. Finally, participants will learn how to use the Hierarchical Scripture Authority in the ATLA Religion database to find articles related to a specific verse or pericope (scripture passage).