STH Alumni Featured in Bostonia: BU Alumni Pastors Bring Their Faith to Politics

The following is an excerpt from Bostonia’s article “Mix Religion and Politics? For these STH alums, You Bet” by Rich Barlow, featuring alumni Rev. Art Gordon (’16), Rev. Vernon Walker (’16) and Rev. Mariama White-Hammond (’17). Click here to read the full article.

A Public Theology: BU Alumni Pastors Bring Their Faith to Politics

Gordon and his classmate, the Rev. Vernon Walker (STH’16), muse about seeking office themselves someday. Both field occasional objections to their current activism—in Walker’s case, as program director of Cambridge-based Communities Responding to Extreme Weather (CREW). Walker has been instrumental in building the nonprofit’s nationwide institutional web—libraries, churches, schools, nonprofits, and local businesses—that helps communities, especially low-income and those of color, spread information about, and fortify against, climate change. He’s also studying for a master’s in public policy at Tufts..

“I do get asked sporadically why I am involved in political matters,” Walker says. “We, as people of faith, should care enough about political matters that govern our lives to organize with our local community, to stand up for just policies, and organize against unjust policies.… There are over 2,000 Bible verses that talk about justice and poverty. It seems it is important to God how the poor are treated.” 

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