Church Relations

The fourth BU School of Theology Seminary Weeks is March – April 2019.

This is similar to a Seminary Sunday, but with a longer window. Here’s how it works: STH offers faculty and staff as resources to local churches during the month of March. Our scholars are available to preach, make presentations, and lead small group discussions on Sundays or other weekdays. 

We do not ask for an honorarium but we welcome the chance to invite the congregation to donate to Boston University School of Theology, either by including a note in the bulletin or displaying envelopes. 

If you have questions about this program or want to request a faculty member to come to your church, contact Jaclyn Jones.

Here is a sample of our faculty and staff:

Eileen Daily
Director of the Doctor of Ministry Degree Program

Presentation topic: Visual Art in the Christian Tradition, then and now



Cristian De La Rosa
Clinical Assistant Professor of Contextual Theology and Practice, Director of Contextual Education and Community Partnerships

Available to preach. Presentation topics: Immigration/Human Migration; Hispanic Ministry/Latinx youth/Latinx clergy; mass incarceration.



Susan HassingerSusan Hassinger
Lecturer, Bishop in Residence

Available to preach. 





Theodore Hickman-Maynard
Associate Dean for Students and Community Life; Assistant Professor of Black Church Studies

Available to preach. Presentation topics: Evangelism and Church Renewal in Post-Church America; The Future of the Black church Tradition in the 21st Century



Anastasia Kidd
Director of Enrollment

Available to preach. Presentation topic: Workshop for people considering seminary — different kinds of schools, types of degrees, financial aid opportunities




New STH faculty Member 2018-2019 academic year

Nicolette Manglos-Weber
Assistant Professor of Religion and Society

Available to preach. Presentation topics: The Immigration/Refugee Crisis and the Church; The Transformative Work of Community Caregivers in Uganda; Young Adult Spirituality in the U.S.



Mary Elizabeth Moore
Dean of the School of Theology, Professor of Theology and Education, Co-Director of the Center for Practical Theology

Available to preach. Presentation topics: Imagining a New Future: Deciding to Hope; Yearnings of Youth: Rethinking Youth Ministry; Developing Relationships Across Difference


Rady Roldan-Figueroa
Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion & Associate Professor of the History of Christianity

Available to Preach. 




Bryan P. Stone

Bryan Stone
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; E. Stanley Jones Professor of Evangelism; Co-Director of the Center for Practical Theology

Available to Preach. Presentation topic: Finding Faith Today (How people come to faith in the United States)