Prof. Wesley Wildman hosts “Ask Me Anything” Forum on Social Platform Reddit

On Monday, February 27, Professor of Philosophy, Theology, and Ethics Wesley Wildman hosted a live “Ask Me Anything” forum on social platform Reddit. Prof. Wildman invited Reddit users to ask him anything about “the ethics of AI [artificial intelligence] text generation in education.” He answered questions “What do you see as the principal ethical risk introduced by expanding AI capability in both academia and, if you’ll entertain the expanded premise, in society at large?” as well as “How can students use ChatGPT and other AI programs as study tools to streamline their schoolwork?”

The thread included a total of 212 comments and received 88% upvotes, a percentage that indicates approval or support of the topic among Reddit users.

The forum was so popular among Reddit users that Prof. Wildman was unable to answer all the questions he received. The forum content is available here.

Prof. Wildman is a founding member of Boston University’s Faculty of Computing and Data Sciences and was recently featured in BU Today for his classroom conversation on ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot