Prof. Shelly Rambo and Prof. Steven Sandage deliver Lectures at Therapy and Spiritual Care Conference

This past fall, the Danielsen Institute hosted an important conference that brought together thought leaders in the fields of spiritual care and mental health, and focused on the well-being of caregivers amidst burnout and compassion fatigue. Titled Therapy and Spiritual Care in a Shattered World: Transforming the Community of Healers, the conference was held online at Boston University and attended by over 800 viewers from around the world.

Sessions included “Existential Overwhelm and the Value of Nurturing Questions over Time: Implications for Metabolizing Vicarious Trauma and Moral Distress to Promote Resilience,” led by Assistant Professor of Theology Shelly Rambo, and “Seeking Well-Being in Territories of Despair: Relational Strengths for Practitioner Formation” by Albert and Jessie Danielsen Professor of Psychology of Religion and Theology Steven Sandage.

Below, Prof. Sandage opened the conference by addressing attendees that “[t]he last three years have caused us to make so many professional and personal adjustments while trying to cope with agonizing losses, and deal with the demoralization that comes with our political and social upheaval and division.” The playlist of all conference sessions is available here.

The conference was made possible by a grant from the Peale Foundation“Positive Psychology and Formation-Based Flourishing Among Spiritual Leaders and Therapists.”