Prof. Peng Yin to deliver Lectures on Chinese Christianity

Assistant Professor of Ethics Peng Yin delivers his lecture “James Baldwin as a Preface to Christian Ethics” at the annual meeting of the Society of Christian Ethics in Chicago, IL in January 2023.

In 2023, Assistant Professor of Ethics Peng Yin will share the fruits of his research on Chinese Christianity at the Bartlett Lecture at Yale Divinity School and the McDonald Agape Lecture at the University of Hong Kong. These lectures draw from his concurrent book projects. The first, tentatively entitled Persisting in the Good: Thomas Aquinas and Early Chinese Ethics, explores the prospect of different religious traditions speaking intelligibly to each other. He is at work on a larger project, Chinese Political Theology. The volume traces religious conceptions of sovereignty from early Confucian and Legalist canon formation to Daoist and Buddhist negotiations with imperial power, from the neglected role of Christianity in the founding of the first republic and the rise of Chinese Communism to contemporary political significance of Chinese Christianity.

The event at Yale will be on March 6, 2023, in Niebuhr Hall at 5:30 PM EST. It will be broadcasted on Livestream at

At the University of Hong Kong, Dr. Yin will join Dr. Chloë Starr of Yale Divinity School to speak about the distinctiveness of Chinese Christianity.

The Bartlett Lectureship was created in 1986 with a gift from the Rev. Robert M. Bartlett ’24 B.D. and his wife, Sue Bartlett. The lectureship serves a twofold purpose. The first is to foster knowledge and appreciation of the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony and their contribution to the religious, intellectual, and political life of America. The second is to encourage understanding of the history and culture of modern China. These two areas are treated on a rotating basis. In 1992 the Bartletts added to their gift and broadened the scope to include “Democracy, Human Rights, and World Peace.” The McDonald Agape Foundation Distinguished Lecture Series at the University of Hong Kong is sponsored by the McDonald Foundation. This lecture series is given at five universities across three continents. Past lecturers can be found at