Pastor, Congregational Church: Sumner, ME

The Congregational Church of East Sumner, Maine is seeking a Pastor.

The church is located in the western mountains of Maine about 1.5 hours north of Portland, 30 minutes from Auburn/ Lewiston and 30 minutes from Augusta.  Sumner is a town of around 1,000 people, with another approx. 3,000 in neighboring towns from which our 45 congregants come.  Our pastor has just retired and we seek a pastor to lead us and help us witness for God in our community.  We seek to reach out to the unchurched and develop a dynamic children’s program.

Job description: Preaching at Sunday morning worship, counseling, and teaching, administer Sacraments, conducting weddings and funerals, visitation, prayer for the congregation, and regular communication with the congregation.
Candidate Description: Mature believer in Christ who embraces Reformed theology and principles.  We seek a half time pastor, graduate of a seminary accredited by the Association of Theological Schools.
Compensation: $32,000 to be allocated among salary/housing/ benefits/pension as determined by the candidate plus reimbursables.  Four weeks of vacation.  A sabbatical offered after the completion of 5 years service at the church.
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Interested candidates may contact:  Rev.Darren Morgan, Maine Conference, U.C.C., 337 State St #3, Augusta, ME 04330.  Email:

More information is located here: 2020 prospectus final 1