Lyle Lieder (STH'47) publishes My Life Behind the Wheel

my-life-behind-teh-wheel-lyle-liederRev. Dr. Lieder explores his antique car hobby in this book. From the book jacket: “Throughout his more than 90 years, antique and classic cars have been of major interest. In that time, Dr. Lieder not only acquired an impressive array of special cars but was instrumental in the founding of several antique and classic car clubs. His antique car hobby has been a source of exceptional pleasure for the entire Lieder family.”
You can view videos of the book’s illustrations on YouTube:
My Life Behind The Wheel a book by Dr Lyle Lieder “My Very First Car” 1929 Model T Ford
Illustration from the chapter entitled: “I’ll Deliver”
Illustrations for the book My Life Behind The Wheel by Dr Lyle Lieder