There are four ways to access information about courses offered at the School of Theology:

  1. Visit the STH Bulletin, the official listing of all STH courses and degree programs, regardless of when they will be offered.

  2. Visit the Public Course Listings for the current semester’s offerings.

    • You will be instructed enter the search criterion for a class.
    • Using the first drop down box, please select the semester in which you would like to search for classes.
    • Using the second drop down box, please select “STH” for School of Theology classes.
    • Click “Go.” You do not need to enter a department code, course number or section number.  Simply entering “STH” will take you to the beginning of the STH course schedule for the particular semester you chose above.
  3. Visit the STH Faculty’s Course Projections for the next semester. Note: these are projections and are subject to change.

  4. Visit the Boston Theological Institute’s course listings for next year. STH courses are integrated into those listings.

Also, please note that the cluster lists for all STH courses can be found at: Course Cluster List