Henry C. Sheldon (1871)

Henry C. Sheldon 2

Henry Clay Sheldon was elected to the Boston University School of Theology Faculty in 1875, where he served as processor of Systematic Theology. He held his chair for forty-six years until his retirement in 1921.

After receiving a Bachelors and Masters at Yale in 1867 and 1870 respectively, he entered the ministry, serving a church in St. Johnsbury, Vermont (1871-73) and Brunswick, Maine (1872-75).

Sheldon was a prolific writer; his texts include History of Christian Doctrine (in two volumes), History of the Christian Church (in five volumes), System of Christian Doctrine, Unbelief in the Nineteenth Century, Sacerdotalism in the Nineteenth Century, and New Testament Theology. Sheldon died in 1928.

According to Sheldon, “The art of preaching consists in seeing the truth clearly, grasping it firmly, holding it in due perspective, and proclaiming it with the whole man to the whole man. The ideas preacher is logician, prophet and poet in one.”




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