Yibin Yang (PhD’26) Wins CSWE Award for Article on Refugees with Disabilities

shadow of a girl in a refugee camp

Yibin Yang (PhD’26) from BU School of Social Work was recently awarded the Disability Manuscript Award for his co-authored article on disability research. The award, given by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), recognizes work that has made significant contributions to the disability field and social work education.

The article, “A Scoping Review of Needs and Barriers to Achieving A Livable Life Among Refugees with Disabilities,” found that refugees with disabilities are in dire need of diverse forms of care. “The intersection of refugee and disability statuses results in extreme vulnerability,” says Yang. “Many people experiencing both identities were in greater need of education, healthcare, employment, social benefits, social connections, and social acceptance than refugees without disabilities.” While all refugees face unpredictable and traumatic circumstances, disabled refugees face more systemic policy, legal, and interpersonal challenges. These issues are often exacerbated by poverty. Yang’s article pushes for more research into providing inclusive and accessible healthcare and social services to refugees with disabilities. 

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