SRCD Asian Caucus: Prof. Judith Scott Recognized for New Study on Supporting Asian Parents in Discussing Racism

Prof. Judith Scott from BU School of Social Work (BUSSW) was featured as a Spotlight member of the Society for Research in Child Development’s (SRCD) Asian Caucus for her work with Asian communities. In an interview with the caucus, Prof. Scott discusses her new study on the protective effects of ethnic-racial socialization (ERS). ERS refers to when parents teach children about racism and provide coping strategies, which helps reduce racism’s traumatic impact. 

Excerpt from “February 2023 Spotlight – Judith C. Scott , PhD,” originally posted in SRCD Asian Caucus:

quotation markI am excited about my new study, Supporting Asian Parents and Children Talking about Race and Racism (ACTRR), which is funded by the Boston University Initiative on Cities and William James College. The study will explore Chinese and Vietnamese families’ experiences of racism, perceived effects of racism on their elementary-aged children, and the ways in which parents engage their children around racism and racial/ethnic identity. In addition, a 6-week virtual ethnic-racial socialization intervention that supports parents’ conversations with their elementary aged children about racism, racial/ethnic identity, and racial/ethnic empowerment will be piloted.”

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