Social Work Today: Tami Gouveia Encourages Social Workers to Run for Government Office

Director Tami Gouveia. Photo courtesy of CISWH.

Dr. Tami Gouveia, who served two terms as an elected Massachusetts State Representative, authored an op-ed in Social Work Today advocating for more social workers to run for government positions. As a social worker and policy maker, Gouveia outlines how many issues of social work can be solved by fixing failures at the institutional and organizational level.

Gouveia is currently the director of the Center for Innovation in Social Work & Health (CISWH) at BUSSW. She has worked in leadership positions at many government and nonprofit organizations like the Massachusetts State Auditor’s Office, The Rippel Foundation, Tobacco Free Mass, and the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center.   

Excerpt from “Why More Social Workers Should Run for Office” by Tami Gouveia, originally posted in Social Work Today:

quotation markHere’s why social workers make good legislators at all levels of government. We listen. We empathize with people’s lived experiences, their financial struggles, and the stress they’re facing. We understand how systems interact and affect people’s health and well-being. Many of our systems aren’t designed to make it easy to deliver services, but social workers of all stripes are trained to navigate that complexity. We know how to quickly digest and distill large quantities of information and communicate with diverse audiences. We’re pragmatic, and we care about our communities.”

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