Social Work Today: Prof. Luz López Shares her Expertise on Helping Migrant Communities at Mexico-US Border

Luz Marilis López

Prof. Luz M López from BU School of Social Work spoke to Social Work Today about her experience visiting migrant communities at Rio Grande Valley, Texas, as part of collaboration with the Center on Forced Displacement Border Studies Program. She described the harsh conditions migrants faced at the border and the trauma and mental health care needs, as well as the training process participating students went through to prepare for the trip.

Excerpt from “Innovations in Social Work: Social Work Brings Trauma-Informed Care to Border Studies Program” by Lindsey Getz, originally posted in Social Work Today:

quotation mark‘This was a wonderful collaboration of faculty and students from diverse disciplines such as the College of Art and Sciences, School of Law, Engineering, Questrom School of Business, and our graduate School of Social Work, among others. We enriched one another,’ López says. ‘We learned from one another’s strengths and varied perspectives, and the students benefited from that.’”

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