• department Social Welfare Policy
  • education BA (Political Science), Washington and Lee University
    PhD (Political Science), University of North Carolina
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Practice and scholarly focus

Politics and policies of aging; cross-national welfare state development; design and implementation of social policies.


WP 700 Concepts, History, and Scope of Social Welfare Policy
WP 701 Contemporary Social Policy Analysis
WP 903 Perspectives on Social Welfare Policy


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Hudson, R.B. and Gonyea, J. Paper presentation, “A Shifting Economic and Political Landscape: New Realities for Aging Families.” International Research Association on Aging Families Conference, Syracuse University, June 3, 2015.

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Hudson, R.B. Keynote address. “Expanding the scope of conflict: The new world of aging politics.” Center on Aging, Syracuse University, June, 2014.

Gonyea, J.G. and Hudson, R.B. Paper presentation. Bringing theory to practice: Conceptualizing “age-friendly communities.” Annual Meeting of Gerontological Society of America, Nov., 2012. San Diego.

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Hudson, R.B. Invited lecture. “The aged: From target population to target?” Gero-Ed Workshop, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University, June , 2012

Hudson, R.B. Keynote address. “The new politics of old-age policy: Implications for long-term support and services.” Annual Massachusetts Nursing Home Conference, June, 2012.

Hudson, R.B. Invited lecture. “From approaches to arrivals: Linking policy to practice in aging. 50th Anniversary Conference of the Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging, Nov., 2012.

Hudson, R.B. Congressional testimony. “The past and potential of an aging society,” Senate Special Committee on Aging Policy Forum, Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington, DC. December, 2011.

Professional Activities and Certifications

Editor-in-Chief: Public Policy & Aging Report. 1996 – present.

Editorial Board Member:
Social Service Review, 2001 – present.
Gerontologist, 1983-89; 2004-2011.
Journal of Aging and Social Policy, 1998 – present.

Committee Chair: John A. Heinz Dissertation Award Committee, National Academy of Social Insurance, 1999-2010.

Awards and Honors

Visiting Professor, University of Melbourne, 2006.

Teaching Excellence Award, Boston University School of Social Work, 2003.

Donald P. Kent Award, Gerontological Society of America, 1996.

Arthur S. Flemming Award, National Academy of State Units on Aging, 1995.

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