Prof. Margaret Lombe Shares Expertise on Gender-Based Violence at National Center for PTSD

Photo of Margaret Lombe in office
Photo courtesy of Margaret Lombe

BU School of Social Work’s (BUSSW) Prof. Margaret Lombe  presented her research on women’s health outcomes in conflict settings as part of the US Department of Veteran Affairs’ National Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) lecture series. “From a global social justice perspective, there’s a lack of attention on how war affects women’s well-being,” says Prof. Lombe. Women are especially at risk of experiencing gender-based violence, which has impacts on individual, societal, and national levels. “One in three women globally have been subjected to physical or sexual violence at least once in their life, a situation worsened in conflict and post-conflict societies.” Her talk, entitled “The Untold Story: Women, War & Weaponization of Gender-Based Violence,” also explored how researchers and practitioners can build more sensitive interventions for those who experience gender-based violence.

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