Students of Color for Public Health.

Mission/Vision Statement

The BUSPH Students of Color for Public Health (SCPH) is a student organization that exists to engage, support, and amplify the experiences of current BUSPH students of color, as well as individuals and communities of color in the Boston area. SCPH works to collaborate with diverse groups, especially those with an interest in health disparities and inequities, in order to promote an inclusive and justice-oriented learning community that explores social determinants of health on an individual, interpersonal, community and institutional level.

    Goals and Objectives

    1. Build community and network for students of color through…
      • Monthly gatherings that are fun and build lasting friendships.
      • Showcasing the work students of color are doing, both academic and in practice.
      • Building a network of previous and current students, faculty, and professionals of color for mentorship and potential job opportunities.
    2. Serve Our City/Community by…
      • Frequently hosting community service events with different organizations.
      • Building relationships with local organizations through which students can then potentially work, fulfill their practicum requirements, or complete projects supported by Activist Lab Impact Grants.
      • Collaborating with student organizations, faculty, staff, and community members to address public health issues affecting under-resourced populations.
    3. Be a resource for BUSPH by…
      • Assisting in building a narrative of the growing students of color body at BUSPH for prospective students, in partnership with the admissions office.
      • Being involved in the planning and development of school-wide diversity, inclusion and equity initiatives and events.
      • Partnering with BUSPH on how to continue to make the university a person of color friendly environment.


          Yvette Cozier, Faculty Advisor 


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