International Students Organization.

Celebrating diversity since inception

The International Students Organization (ISO) celebrates diversity at BUSPH. Our main objectives are to help students adjust to life in Boston and at BU, enable them to build professional relationships, and share the cultural richness of the public health experience. All students (foreign and US) are welcome to join.

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Instagram: @busph_iso

ISO Advisor: Joseph Anzalone, Senior Global Practicum Manager



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Executive Board 2022-2023:


Rhea Patel (She/Her/Hers), President



Alex Werekuu (He/Him/His), External Vice President




Lydia Tsega (She/Her/Hers), Internal Vice President



Sinjini Das (She/Her/Hers), Administrative Director




Victoria Sun (She/Her/Hers), Secretary




Anuprita Nair (She/Her/Hers), Finance Chair




Kinjal Mehta (She/Her/Hers), Events Coordinator




Janki Shah (She/Her/Hers), Outreach Chair



Taki Koda (She/Her/Hers), Social Media Chair




Abha Gupta (She/Her/Hers), First Year Representative