Health Policy and Law Student Organization.


The primary objective of the Health Policy and Law Student Organization (HPLSO) is to establish a network among public health students interested in health policy and law, health educators, and professionals to create opportunities for personal, intellectual, and professional development. Additionally, we will foster a community amongst students in the Health Policy and Law (HPL) Certificate through various local service and social events. We aim to be a resource for students in the HPL certificate program to further their involvement in BUSPH and make a lasting impact in our community.


  • Collaboration: Within HPL student certificate, outside certificates, professors/faculty members, outside local communities through volunteering
  • Education: Focus on health/policy/law education; personal/intellectual curiosity; Professionalism in and out of the classroom
  • Promotion: Resource for students in and outside of HPL certificate program

HPLSO Constitution

Executive Board

Cameron Hoffpauir, President

Gabrielle Galusha, Vice President

Emily Crabtree, Secretary 

Avy Osalvo, Treasurer 

Emma Reiner, Diversity and Advocacy Coordinator

Georgia Aguilar, Media and Promotions Coordinator

Aripta Khanna, Philanthropy and Community Engagement Coordinator

Riley Henry, Events and Social Coordinator

Paige Leiser, First Year Representative

Emily O’Neil, First Year Representative

Sadie Cowan, 4+1 Representative