BUSPH Student Senate.

Student Senate Mission Statement:

As a reflection of the mission and values of BUSPH, the mission of the Student Senate is to connect students to the SPH community, develop student engagement on campus and ignite student led community action. 

We seek to foster a respectful, collaborative, diverse and inclusive community within SPH to promote connection and holistic student success; to hold the faculty, staff and university community accountable to the mission and values of SPH by developing channels for student voices; and to ignite positive change beyond our academic walls through engaging with people, communities and institutions to promote justice, human rights and equity.

We accomplish this by:

  • Creating social, educational and professional spaces for students to connect with: fellow students, alumni, BU graduate students outside SPH and public health students outside of BU SPH
  • Equipping student organizations to collaborate on events and initiatives
  • Advocating for resources to aid academic success of students
  • Gathering and representing student concerns and evaluations to the faculty, staff and university community
  • Advocating for and monitoring timely responses to student feedback
  • Supporting student initiated projects
  • Providing and promoting opportunities to serve at SPH and in the local community

Want to get involved?

Email phsenate@bu.edu.with project ideas, questions, apply to join student senate or to talk with one of our Student Representatives!  

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/BUSPHStudentSenate

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/busphsenate/

Student Senate Corner

We encourage students to read the SPH Weekly and also check out the Student Center Corner to learn about upcoming events and updates from us. You will find information in the lower right corner!

Student Senate 2022-2023 Executive Board:

Vicki Lee, President 


Saisha Adhikari, Vice President


Mary Villeda, Admin Director


Ruchita Borgaonkar, Communications Director


Natalie Jean, Diversity & Advocacy Director


Katie Harrison-Cunningham, Community Engagement Co-Director


Riley Henry, Community Engagement Co-Director


Hannah Kirby, Student Organization Council Co-Director


Sonya Nguyen, Student Organization Council Co-Director



Rhea Patel, Events Co-Director


Max Lin, Events Co-Director


Student Senate 2022-2023 Student Representatives:

Haruka Matsuura, Spring 2023 Student Representative


Zakkiyya West, Spring 2023 Student Representative


Tarim Fahim, Fall 2022 Student Representative


Sharan Shah, Fall 2022 Student Representative


Sinjini Das, Spring 2022 Student Representative


Amal Abubaker, Fall 2021 Student Rep


Rohini Shikhare, Fall 2021 Student Rep


Corinne Gillenwater, Fall 2021 Student Rep


Carolina Becerril, 4 + 1 Student Rep


Ashley Halkitis, Part-time Student Rep


Nabila Adamu, International Student Rep