Biostatistics Student Association.

BSA Mission Statement:

The purpose of the BSA is to foster an environment where its members can meet to discuss and debate current issues in the field of Biostatistics. This group strives for the promotion of ideas in Biostatistics, as well as networking with like-minded individuals within Biostatistics and related fields.

The Biostatistics Student Association (BSA) was founded in 2009 by students in the Biostatistics Department at Boston University.  The group organizes numerous student-driven events including monthly student-faculty seminars and social events throughout the year.

Last year’s events included a Fall semester pot-luck, a student luncheon with new and veteran students to discuss questions about courses, qualifying exams, internships, and career opportunities, and a feature lecture given by Dr. Joseph Massaro about the SAS Output Delivery System. The BSA also organized other social events, such as a happy hour get-together and a berry picking outing.

This year the group aims to continue organizing fun and informative events and social activities.

Please see your email for upcoming meetings and events.  If you would like more information about the BSA please see the organization’s Facebook page or contact us via email at

We look forward to a great year!

BSA 2022-2023 Executive Board:

Co-Chair, Nimish Adhikari

Co-Chair, Michael Figueroa

Co-Chair, Brooke McGinley

Co-Chair, Julia Gallini