idea hub.

The idea hub brings together the private sector, public sector, non-profit organizations, and academia to accelerate the pace of change in the health landscape. We facilitate connections to the rich resources at the School of Public Health and Boston Universityworld-class faculty, extraordinary student body, cutting edge research techniques and facilities, and leaders in public health practice. Visit our site.

The idea hub connects private industry with the BU School of Public Health to accelerate the introduction of new products and services to improve population health. We initiate projects with transformative potential, incubate novel solutions to public health problems, and integrate those solutions into the public health landscape.

Key Activities

  • Strategic partnerships with industry, government, or non-profits
  • Faculty-and staff-initiated innovations
  • Student-initiated innovation, including student practica
  • Health data science
  • Knowledge and workforce training
  • Institute formation

Our Skills

  • Collaborative research
  • Product validation
  • Program evaluation
  • Workforce training
  • Data-informed decision making
  • Big data analytics customized for health applications
  • Expert faculty and student consultants in biostatistics, environmental health, epidemiology, global health, and health law, policy, and management
  • Connecting highly-skilled talent to your organization

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Support the idea hub’s mission to accelerate improvements in population health.