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CBPR Resources for Faculty

Webinar: From Information to Participation, Science Shops as Mediators between Science and Society | Wednesday, May 27

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Community-Campus Partnerships for Health hosts a CBPR listserv.
Clinical Research Times


Clinical Research Times
Unique Challenges in Community-Based Participatory Research

November 2012 issue, By Brenda Heaton, PhD, MPH and Madeleine Kangsen Scammell, DSc

Health and Environment Assistance Resources (HEAR) Database
The purpose of the HEAR database is to increase and diversify the legal, scientific, medical, and technical expertise available to community groups with environmental and public health concerns. Do you have expertise you can share? Join the database at www.hear-db.org.

CBPR Resources for Students

Summer Graduate Workshop: Ethics, Culture and Community-Based Environmental Research | SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Syracuse, NY | August 14 – 16, 2013

Courses with CBPR opportunities

  • EH 800: Community-Based Methods in Environmental Health
  • EH 804: Exposure Assessment
  • IH 707: Field Practicum in Public Health and Environment in Kenya
  • IH 745: Monitoring and Evaluation of Global Health Programs
  • MC 802: Implementing Community Health Initiatives
  • SB 833: Designing and Implementing a Health Communication Campaign
  • SB 818: Qualitative Research Methods
  • SB8 20: Assessment and Planning for Health Promotion

For CBPR practicum opportunities and past CBPR practicum projects, see the SPH Practice Office.

CBPR Resources for Communities

If your community organization is interested in forming a research partnership, read the bios of affiliated faculty and directly email individuals with whom you would like to work.

Research Toolkit

The Partners in Health & Housing Prevention Research Center at Boston University provides community organizations with a Resident Health Advocate Program Toolkit. Module I includes information about research and public health and the partnership approach to research.