The Boston Project

For the Health of All

Every member of the Boston community should be able to reach their health potential.

That is the goal of The Boston Project. To ensure that all systems – economic, educational, environmental, healthcare, political, and social – work well and work together.

BU School of Public Health serves as a resource hub for facilitating engagement in a range of educational activities, service projects, fundraising, and community building initiatives. Located in the historic South End neighborhood of Boston, SPH faculty and students have the unique opportunity to teach and learn in a dynamic classroom: the city of Boston.

Boston is a diverse city with a rich public health history – home of the nation’s first board of health, the first city to implement a disease control program, first to establish birth and death registries, and much more. We know there is still work to be done as health indicators vary widely across different neighborhoods.

SPH features programs each year that engage faculty, staff, students, and alumni to work hand-in-hand with the citizens of Boston to improve health.