Build your activism toolkit.

Our Activism Clinics are designed to provide current BUSPH students, faculty, and staff with training on a specific area of public health activism in a hands-on workshop experience. Each session will help students become well-rounded, skilled professionals who can develop issues from the ground up, explore strategies, and communicate effectively with community members, stakeholders, courts, agency officials, scientific experts, opposing parties, and more. These clinics are available for in-person participation only. Online learning modules are in development.

Our Mission

  • To provide a high-quality, skills-based educational experience for the BUSPH community, especially students, who want to be competent, ethical public health practitioners with expertise in the field of public health advocacy and activism.
  • To ensure that public health policies and practices protecting and creating healthy environments are properly interpreted and implemented to protect people and places for the benefit of this and future generations.

Upcoming Activist Clinics