400 Years of Inequality.

The School of Public Health was invited to participate in the national movement called 400 Years of Inequality; a call to observe the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first Africans to be sold into bondage in North America in 1619 at Jamestown. 400 Years of Inequality is a diverse coalition of organizations and individuals calling on everyone – families, friends, communities, institutions – to plan their own solemn observance of 1619, learn about their own stories and local places, and organize for a more just and equal future.

The Activist Lab made this the theme of our fall 2019 semester.


  • Monday, September 30: 400 Years of Inequality Timeline – a visual representation of 400 years of history to be created and displayed in the Talbot Building
    • Join the Activist Lab for an Opening Reception from 1 – 2:30 PM where we will invite our community to engage with this timeline by adding dates from your personal history, the history of public health, and other impactful events that impact this narrative.


  • Monday, October 7: Dean’s Seminar, Follow Chester! Exploring Microaggressions, Civility, and Allies in Children’s Books and Beyond
    • All are welcome to this presentation in which the author, Gloria Respress-Churchwell, will explore ways that text, images, and music can be used as tools in educating young readers about the difficult and important issues of courage, friendship, and how to combat racism.
  • Thursday, October 10: Activist Lab Storytelling Workshop
    • An interactive workshop for students, faculty, and staff, led by the Activist Lab. Conveying information that can help people is a cornerstone of public health. We aim to communicate our research effectively, evolve best practices for the field, and shape policies that lead to better health outcomes and enable people to live healthier lives. Stories become a powerful tool to create a lasting impact on the audience. Come with an open mind and a story to share!
  • Artist in Residence, Rhodessa Jones
    • Tuesday, October 15: Forum for Faculty & Staff
    • Wednesday, October 16: Performance from the MEDEA Project
    • Thursday, October 17: Class Lecture
    • Thursday, October 17: Workshop for Students
    • Friday, October 18: Participant in Dean’s Symposium
  • Dean’s Symposium, 400 Years of Inequality: Breaking the Cycle of Systemic Racism