Public Health & Housing.

The Community Committee

The Community Committee is comprised of Boston Housing Authority residents, community leaders, and representatives of local community agencies. Community Committee members conduct resident health needs assessments, provide health and wellness information, sponsor an annual event called Bridging the Gap, and serve as a voice for residents of public housing in matters of health and well-being.



PhotoVoice is a project aimed at addressing the social contextual factors that influence the prevalence of obesity among Boston public housing residents. Participants from four Boston housing developments received a camera and took pictures of their health landscape, answering these questions:

  1. What does healthy look like to you?
  2. What motivates you to stay healthy?
  3. What makes it difficult to stay healthy?

Poster: Weight Management Through the Lens of Public Housing Residents


Boston Senior Oral Health Program

This program provided free dental and oral cancer screenings for seniors living in public housing–those requiring preventive or restorative care are referred to our partner health centers for free treatment.

Watch the video

Partnership in Health and Housing Committee

The PHH Committee provides guidance for planning and prioritizing the activities of the PHH, and provides suggestions for connecting BUSPH faculty, staff, and students to PHH activities and projects.

Members of the PHH Committee:

  • Sally Bachman, BU Center for Advancing Health Policy and Practice
  • Tracy Battaglia, Boston Medical Center
  • Rachel Goodman, Boston Housing Authority
  • John Kane, Boston Housing Authority
  • Elizabeth Remigio, Boston Public Health Commission
  • Mariana Sarango, BU Center for Advancing Health Policy and Practice
  • Aileen Shen, Boston Public Health Commission
  • BU SPH Activist Lab
    • Harold Cox
    • Kerry Dunnell
    • Anne Fidler
    • Kathleen Macvarish


Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH) Grant

REACH is a CDC grant-funded collaboration with the Boston Public Health Commission and Boston Housing Authority. Its focus is on community engagement and encouraging healthy choices around eating, smoking, and drinking water. SPH supports REACH through program evaluation and convening the Steering Committee and Community Committee. Contact Aileen Shen to learn more.