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There are 4 comments on Chronic Pain and the Health of Populations

  1. I am a CP Patient because an oral surgeon used a Bone Saw during a tooth extraction while under anesthesia, leaving me disabled for life! Withdrawala, went to ER & spent 8 days in a lock down mental facility! CP patients are the low hanging fruit & its very life threatening to us all!

  2. Nice article!

    Living with chronic pain can sometimes feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to take over your life. Our bodies and minds are connected. Stress, tension and stirred emotions can aggravate pain. Specific activities or body movements may aggravate our pain more than others. According to a health expert, don’t let your pain consume your life. There are more important things in your life to focus on, such as friends, family, work, and hobbies.

  3. The World Health Organization will explain how politics and ignorance hurt chronic pain patients .All this anti opioid hysteria and Goverment control has caused suicides and straight out tourcher or chronic pain patients diagnosed with severe pain .Severe pain needs to be treated and withholding medicine that will stop the severe pain is TORCHER and your all guilty of it .Talk to someone diagnosed with severe pain .Instead we have a phycitrist telling people in severe pain to suffer .A person suffering should decide what works for them not a person with a political adjenda .You should her how you sound to someone suffering .They just want to get out of bed and be a human being .Look up what the World Health Organization says about untreated pain and become a human being .

  4. The world health organization has it right any country that does not treat patients in severe pain because of political beliefs is torchering there people .America is guillty of torchering it chronic pain patients and citizens that do nothing are ignorant .When a patient becomes crippled and is diagnosed with severe pain he can stretch all he want if he can .The World Health Organization talks about the anxiety and depression of a patient in severe pain .When your can’t move you limbs it’s hard to stretch .Wake up pain patients in the USA are being torchered by politicians ,and phycitrist .Well pain Drs are put in jail .And the media goes along with it . Read what severe chronic pain does to a human being it on the World Health Organizations web sight .Stop the TORCHER

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