The Activist Lab enhances the work of our Office of Public Health Practice by engaging issues that are of direct relevance to the practice of public health, creating educational opportunities and developing approaches that are useful to and can later be adopted by our partners in practice communities; thus, moving our action beyond the remit of public health practice to an embrace of all sectors that have a role in shaping the health of the public.  Work supported by the Public Health Lab serves as a central, clarifying focus for the engagement of our faculty and students with public health practice, elevating the role of practice to the heart of what we do as a school, while capitalizing on our unique strengths in knowledge generation and knowledge transmission to our students.

  • $2.5 million to endow a professorship to support a faculty member with a specific area of expertise in translation of research into real world practice
  • $1 million to endow a BU Public Health Practice Fund in a specific area of research translation
  • $150,000 to fund a project on research translation into real world practice led by an SPH faculty member