Climate, the planet, and health.

SPH is well positioned to lead in the urgent work of adapting to climate change and its impacts on health. Our faculty lead highly relevant, high-potential projects including:

  • An assessment of the health benefits of urban climate action plans, with strategies to promote active transport, green infrastructure, and clean vehicles
  • A study of how local health departments across the United States prepare for days of extreme heat, which will connect information about different strategies to health data to see which actions are most effective
  • An examination of the health benefits of green space in cities, using remote-sensing data to estimate vegetation density, as well as population and baseline rates of cardiovascular mortality and low birth weight

The coronavirus pandemic has made the fight against climate change even more urgent and exposed under-resourced communities as especially vulnerable. Many at SPH are exploring how to mitigate the effects of climate change; donor support will help scale up this research, and translate it into action more quickly and effectively.

Additional news on the climate, the planet, and health

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