Staff Development

SPH is strongly committed to creating a supportive environment where all members of our community feel encouraged to pursue opportunities for professional and personal development. These discussions have been informed by the goal of all staff development: to make great institutions, and the employees who serve them, even greater.

These particular programs and initiatives were conceived after obtaining considerable feedback from members of our community through conversation and the staff and faculty survey, as well as feedback garnered through the performance evaluation process. Our priorities for these programs were informed by your input, together with our study of best practices in staff development in higher education and related fields.

Our goal is to provide a rich array of development opportunities that would appeal to a broad and diverse audience, one that is composed for professionals at different career stages, and the specific needs of SPH. We aspire to provide a supportive institutional climate that encourages lifelong learning, while remaining mindful of the fact that professional development is ultimately driven by the desire of our students, staff, and alumni to progress.

We hope our efforts will help better mobilize this desire, and make our community the very best of Boston University, as we move forward with confidence in ourselves, our skills, and the enormous contributions we make both to SPH and Boston University as a whole.

Innovative Management Workshop
Skill-Based Training
Career Development Scholarships
Apprenticeship Program
Affinity Groups
Committee on Community and Development