Lifelong Learning Office.


The mission of Boston University School of Public Health’s Lifelong Learning Office (BUSPH LLO) is to advance public health understanding and skills among individuals, organizations, and communities by partnering with them to develop innovative, engaging, and relevant credit and noncredit programs.



BUSPH LLO has developed a unique learning ecosystem that includes more than 300 world-renowned BUSPH faculty, over 10,000 BUSPH accomplished alumni, and a national network of public health practitioners. This ecosystem provides access to extensive resources, a robust professional network, and cutting-edge learning across public health disciplines.

Public Health Expertise

BUSPH LLO addresses the most challenging issues faced by today’s public health and healthcare workforce through education that is free or low-cost, easily accessible, and oftentimes personalized. Together with our practice partners, we continuously strive to better understand and solve tomorrow’s public health challenges, today.

Proactive and Timely Workforce Development

BUSPH LLO prides itself on engaging with individuals, public health organizations, health care entities, industry, primary/secondary education institutions, and others in a manner that is timely and flexible, and providing a personalized learning experience to a broad audience across the globe.

BUSPH LLO consists of 2 entities: Population Health Exchange (PHX) and the Workforce Development Training Centers.

Population Health Exchange

Population Health Exchange provides opportunities to engage with field experts online and in the classroom, developing new perspectives and advanced skill sets for enhancing the health of populations.

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Our partnerships allow us to develop the highest quality offerings and technical assistance that address the needs of an evolving public health workforce.

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