The Next Normal: Civil Liberties and Health.

Many conversations surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic were framed as a trade-off between individual liberties and the health of the public. Was this the right framing? What are the implications of the moment for future conversations?

This program is a part of “The Next Normal” series, designed to take a moment to pause and ask, as we emerge from the pandemic, what we have learned and why, in order to promote the health of all, we cannot return to pre-pandemic normal.


  • Nancy Berlinger

    Nancy Berlinger

    Research Scholar, The Hastings Center

  • Colleen Flood

    Colleen Flood

    Professor and University Research Chair, University of Ottawa

  • @ruqaiijah

    Ruqaiijah Yearby

    Professor of Law and Executive Director and CO- Founder, Institute for Healing Justice and Equity, Saint Louis University

  • Chantal Da Silva

    Chantal Da Silva

    MODERATOR, Freelance journalist working for NBC News


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