Gun Violence: Stories Behind the Numbers.

Thursday, September 28, 2017think-teach-do(red)-icon-200x200

4:30 to 6:30 p.m.
Hiebert Lounge
72 East Concord Street


Live-Streaming Available During Event

#Enough. After the Orlando night club massacre of 49 people in June 2016, Boston University School of Public Health created the Enough campaign to express outrage and sorrow and extend a call to action. This is just one of the many ways to retell the story of homicide, suicide, and injury caused by firearms. These narratives focus on fractured communities, devastated families, and lives lost at each end of the gun. Shifting the emphasis away from gun control, constitutional rights, and criminal behavior creates room for the stories of human and social impact. As public health activists and researchers rewrite this polarizing tale, we have an opportunity to work closely with journalists and artists to combine numbers with real voices and real lives to inspire urgency. In this panel discussion, we will talk about this collaboration and debate the question: How can journalism, the creative arts, and public health work together to say #Enough?

This event is sponsored by the Boston University Program for Global Health Storytelling which brings journalists and global health specialists together to improve mutual understanding and foster collaboration. Our goals are to:

1. Explore the ways in which journalism and public health complement one another and also frequently collide
2. Establish and maintain an ongoing conversation between journalists and public health responders about how we can better work together
3. Promote cross-disciplinary understanding and collaboration by training students and providing them with global health field reporting opportunities
4. Improve dissemination of often underreported information about serious public health concerns in hopes of influencing sound public policy decisions

The Program for Global Health Storytelling is co-sponsored by the Boston University College of Communication, Boston University School of Public Health, the Activist Lab, and the Pulitzer Center.


Ortiz HeadshotCarlos Javier Ortiz, Pulitzer Center Grantee, Director, Cinematographer, Documentary Photographer

Chery Headshot NEWClementina Chéry, President and CEO, Louis D. Brown Peace Institute

Barden HeadshotMark Barden, Managing Director, Sandy Hook Promise

James HeadshotThea L. James, Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine; Vice President of Mission and Associate Chief Medical Officer, Boston Medical Center

RosenthalJohn Rosenthal, Founder, Stop Handgun Violence


Kalesan HeadshotBindu Kalesan, Assistant Professor, Boston University School of Medicine and Assistant Professor, Boston University School of  Public Health

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