This conversation explored the causes of disproportionately poor health among Indigenous populations in the US. We reflected on the role historical injustice has played in shaping Indigenous health and how we can best act to improve the health of Indigenous populations moving forward.


New E4A Funding Opportunity: Indigenous-Led Solutions to Advance Health Equity and Wellbeing


  • Headshot of Michael E Bird

    Michael E. Bird

    Past President, American Public Health Association

  • Headshot of Janelle Palacios

    Janelle Palacios

    Founder, Encoded 4 Story; Co-founder, SquareRoot Stories

  • Headshot of Donald Warne

    Donald Warne

    Provost Fellow for Indigenous Health Policy, Co-Director of Center for Indigenous Health, Professor of Public Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health 

  • Headshot of Misty Wilkie

    Misty Wilkie

    Clinical Associate Professor, Director & Mentor, Doctoral Education Pathway for AI/AN Nurses, Assistant Director of Inclusivity, Diversity and Equity, University of Minnesota School of Nursing

  • Headshot of Katie Oyan

    Katie Oyan

    Deputy Director of Local News Success, The Associated Press (MODERATOR)


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