A Conversation on Compassionate Leadership.

Donato Tramuto’s new book, The Double Bottom Line: How Compassionate Leaders Captivate Hearts and Deliver Results explores the importance of compassion as the leading force to advance the well-being of a business and its people. Tramuto defines a new model of leadership, identifies the secrets of successful leaders who win hearts and deliver results, and examines how to cultivate more compassionate people.

“I think compassion is distinct from empathy in that it says that you don’t need to fully understand the world through other people’s eyes, only that it is the right thing to do to minimize other people’s suffering, whether you can understand the world through their eyes or not.”- Dean Sandro Galea

“Every day, we can all take small steps towards leading with compassion.”- Donato Tramuto

What Does Compassionate Leadership Mean to You?


  • @SharecareInc

    Jeff Arnold

    CEO and Chairman of Sharecare

  • Bruce Broussard

    Chief Executive Officer, Humana

  • Janine Broussard

    Founder and CEO of H.U.G. Reading Program

  • @sandrogalea

    Sandro Galea

    (MODERATOR) Dean and Robert A Knox Professor, Boston University School of Public Health

  • Scott Minerd

    Chairman of Guggenheim Investments and Global Chief Investment Officer, Guggenheim Partners

  • @LwalaCommunity

    Ash Rogers

    Co-CEO Lwala Community Alliance


    Donato Tramuto

    Founder of the TramutoPorter Foundation and Health eVillages, Author, and Philanthropist


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