Our New Executive Master of Public Health

November 17th, 2017

Dear Colleagues:

We are dedicated to our mission to improve the health of local, national, and international populations, particularly the disadvantaged, underserved, and vulnerable, through excellence and innovation in education, research, and service. To that end, as all in our community know, we have transformed our approach to a public health education within the last several years. We have reconfigured the BU MPH ahead of new CEPH requirements and ahead of our peers. We have also released five new Master of Science degrees that we will nurture and grow over the next several years. As I have presented at School Assembly, heading into fall 2018, we are now rounding out our portfolio of programs with a new Executive Master of Public Health.

The Executive MPH program will prepare public health professionals with at least five years of relevant experience to bring an evidence-based approach to addressing public health problems and to understand the interplay of the biological, social, economic, cultural, political, behavioral, and environmental factors that affect the health of populations. This 42-credit, self-directed degree program delivers all the strengths of the 48-credit MPH while also recognizing and building off the work a public health professional has done up to this point in their career. These students will add depth and diversity of experience to the classroom and our community.

I invite you to visit the Executive MPH webpage for more information about this program. If you have any friends or collogues who might benefit from a public health education, please direct them to Director of Admissions Jonathan Cote at jlcote12@bu.edu or 617-358-2470.

Warm regards,

Lisa Sullivan, PhD
Associate Dean for Education

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