Practice Update and Strategic Plan

In 2020, the Activist Lab underwent a strategic planning process to better align our mission, vision, values, and purpose with the needs of the SPH community and the talents and goals of our staff. After creating a new foundation for the Activist Lab internally, we convened a series of Talking Circles to get feedback from […]

The Annual Barkley Holiday Party, Reimagined

Dear colleagues, As I mentioned previously, in past years the Activist Lab and Students of Color for Public Health celebrated the holiday season by hosting a Holiday Party for the 200+ children in the Ruth Barkley Housing Development located in Boston’s South End. Unfortunately, hosting such an event is not possible given the current COVID-19 […]

Activist Lab Talking Circles

Dear Colleagues, As I shared in a previous announcement, over the last six months, the Activist Lab has gone through a rigorous strategic thinking process to redefine our mission, vision, and values. I challenged us to dream big about what we want to accomplish, and we did. We have undergone an identity reckoning—simultaneously honoring the […]

The Journey Ahead—Engage in the Activist Lab’s Evolution

Dear colleagues, First, let me say thank you. Since I joined the SPH community as associate dean of practice and director of the Activist Lab this summer, I have genuinely felt welcomed. I have been able to (virtually) meet many of you, and your enthusiasm for what you do and your vision for how we […]

Moving On: What I’ve Learned

Dear Colleagues, Except for one time when I worked as a cook for three weeks, I have loved every job that I have ever had. Early in my career, I worked as a social worker with individuals with developmental disabilities. Then I worked with people with HIV/AIDS. After this, I worked for 10 years as […]

Learning in Uncertainty

Chuck Bietler was my best friend in Texas. We talked about everything and everybody. Nothing was off-limits. I tried to teach Chuck how to do car repair and Chuck tried to teach me how to cook in a microwave. We both failed miserably.  Eventually, Chuck moved to Kansas and I moved to Massachusetts. Although we […]

What is the New Normal?

So, what is this “new normal?” Every day I hear about the devastation that COVID-19 is causing. 93,673 deaths globally…. 6.6 million Americans filed unemployment claims two weeks ago…. Increases in domestic violence…. The plight of our homeless neighbors. It is hard for me to practice social distancing during such turmoil when it is my […]

Public Health Week: Looking Back. Moving Forward

I get blank stares every time I try to explain to my friends and family what public health is, and I bet you do, too. The challenge we often have in public health is explaining what it is. If I am being honest, I think that we sometimes make it harder for people to understand […]

What We Can All Do during COVID-19

Keep breathing.   I have been wondering what else to say to friends, family, church members, students, neighbors about the coronavirus impacting all of us. There’s a lot going on. The doctors and public health experts are insisting on handwashing and physical distancing. The federal politicians are handling (and I might add, poorly) disease testing and […]