Select Scholars Program

The Boston University School of Public Health Select Scholars Program is a network of leading undergraduate institutions that creates educational opportunities that prepare students to contribute to a healthier global society. The program offers a unique opportunity for outstanding undergraduates with an interest in public health to enroll in a top graduate public health program and join a cohort of their peers through accelerated placement and subsequent graduate training in public health. The program provides early immersion in public health, giving students the opportunity to explore different options that are available in this field, and connecting them with faculty mentors for academic and career advising.

We hope to introduce a diverse body of undergraduate students to the field of public health, a vibrant and growing field that provides the essential tools for a wide range of career opportunities, while supporting them in their transition from undergraduate to graduate study.

What are the benefits of the Select Scholars Program?

  • Early acceptance for juniors to a top graduate program and complete their senior year at their undergraduate institution. No GRE score is required for Select Scholar applicants!
  • Summer Program at BUSPH: a weeklong summer program for admitted Select Scholars between their junior and senior year to connect with the BUSPH community.
  • Mentoring: early access to faculty, staff, alumni, and current students to explore career opportunities and develop a plan for your career in public health. Once matriculated, additional networking opportunities with the Dean and SPH faculty.
  • Scholarships to support up to 25 percent of graduate tuition.

Who can apply?

Undergraduates in their junior year at colleges and universities that have Select Scholars Program agreements with BUSPH.

Which programs are Select Scholars eligible to apply?

Select Scholars can apply to standalone Master’s level programs at BUSPH including the:

*Boston University undergraduates in CAS and Sargent are eligible to apply to the MS degree programs as Select Scholars but are not eligible for the MPH degree because 4+1 programs are available for students in those colleges.

Application Details

  • Applicants should have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.2; most competitive applicants will have a GPA of 3.5 or better.
  • No GRE score is required!
  • Prior to applying, applicants should connect with the Select Scholars Program liaison at their college or university to identify additional expectations or procedures before applying.

Questions? Contact Henry Wilder ( at Boston University School of Public Health.

Select Scholars FAQs

To identify requirements for the program you are applying to, review our Admissions page.

Applicants to the Select Scholars Program undergo the same review process and timeline as all applicants to our programs. For a list of frequently asked questions on the application process, financial aid, and more visit our Admissions FAQs page.

Students enrolled in the MPH can complete it in several formats – the most popular format is 16 months (full-time) but the program can also be completed in 2 years (full/part-time) or on a part-time basis over several years depending on personal circumstances and professional goals. Select Scholars may be eligible to complete the MPH in one year in an accelerated format by completing core courses in the summer or even while in residence at undergraduate institutions, contingent upon transfer credit and tuition exchange agreements between institutions.

Students who enroll in one of the MS degrees can complete the program in 12 months full-time or over two years part-time depending on personal circumstances and professional goals. The same rigorous program is offered in a flexible environment to help students balance commitments outside of the classroom.

Select Scholars Program students are accepted on the condition that they successfully complete degree requirements at their undergraduate institution and maintain the academic standards outlined in the overview of SSP. 

Summer Program

Admitted Select Scholars are invited to participate in a Summer Program scheduled during the first full week of June every year. In 2018, the Summer Program will be held from Tuesday, June 5 through Sunday, June 10.

Throughout the program, students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in public health and the BUSPH community. Students will network with faculty, staff, current students, and alumni while in Boston through seminars, workshops, community service, and individual meetings to learn more about the vast, dynamic opportunities offered for public health professionals.

Summer Program FAQs

The summer program will be held the first full week of June every year. In 2018, the program will be held from Tuesday, June 5 through Sunday, June 10.

Students will immerse themselves in the BUSPH community during the Summer Program. During their time at BUSPH, students will build relationships with faculty, staff, and other members of the community, develop a career action plan, engage in public health discussions, and sit-in on public health courses.

Travel to and from Boston, housing, meals in BU dining facilities, and bus/subway passes are covered by BUSPH. Students are responsible for all other costs.

Students will be housed in Boston University Conference Housing at 10 Buick Street. Meal passes will be purchased for students for students to eat at BU dining facilities during their stay.

Boston is easily accessible by plane, train, bus or car. We will hold a reception in the evening on Tuesday, June 5 so we recommend attendees arrive in the morning or afternoon on Tuesday. Check-in on Tuesday, June 5 is 3pm. Check-out on Sunday, June 10 is 11am.

Send a copy of your travel itinerary to Jonathan Cote as soon as it is available. If you live in the Boston area and will be traveling by car, please let us know your intended arrival time. The Select Scholars Program will reimburse you for up to $600 in travel expenses. In order to get your reimbursement at the end of the program, you must save all of your travel receipts. See the Travel Reimbursements section for more information.

From Logan Airport

When you arrive in Boston, go to your on-campus housing to check in. To get to BU’s main campus (called the Charles River Campus) from Logan Airport, you have two options: taxi or MBTA. A taxi will be more convenient and more expensive; the MBTA may take longer but will only cost a few dollars. Please remember that the maximum total reimbursement amount for all of your travel is $600.

If you choose to travel by taxi, give them the address for your housing (10 Buick Street). You should budget $50 one-way for a taxi from Logan Airport. Taxi fares can be reimbursed but remember to get a receipt.

If you choose to travel by MBTA:

  1. Follow the signs for ground transportation at the airport. Look for signs directing you to the MBTA Silver Line (which is a bus, not a train).
  2. Wait outside at a designated location for the Silver Line bus (labeled SL1) to arrive.
  3. Take the SL1 bus to South Station. The ride is free.
  4. South Station is one of Boston’s major transportation hubs. When you arrive, you will find machines where you can buy a subway ticket. To get to BU, you just need to buy a single ride.
  5. Take the Red Line subway inbound to Park Street.
  6. At Park Street, follow signs for the Green Line B subway outbound towards Boston College (Boston College is the last stop on the B line so the line is named after it, but this line also stops at Boston University). If you have questions, just tell someone you’re looking for the B Line towards Boston College.
  7. Get off at BU West station, which is the stop closest to your housing at 10 Buick Street.

From North or South Station (train or bus)

When you arrive in Boston, go to your on-campus housing to check in. If you are traveling to Boston by train or bus, you will probably arrive at either North Station or South Station. From either location, you can take a taxi to your BU housing for approximately $30 one-way. Taxi fares can be reimbursed but remember to get a receipt.

If you prefer to travel by MBTA and you arrive at South Station, follow the directions above beginning at step 4. To use the MBTA from North Station, take the green line (C or E train) to Park Street. Then follow the directions above beginning at step 6.

The Select Scholars Program will reimburse for your transportation to and from Boston up to $600. We are not able to arrange or pay for your tickets up front; you must make these arrangements and payments on your own and we will reimburse you up to after the end of the program. Your reimbursement check will arrive at your address within 4-6 weeks following the end of the program.

In order to get your reimbursement at the end of the program, you must save all of your travel receipts. We are unable to provide reimbursement for any expense that is not documented with a receipt.

If you plan to travel to Boston by air, train, or bus, we will need your airline or train ticket receipts (not boarding passes, but ticket receipts clearly showing purchase amount). If you will drive to Boston, you must provide documentation of mileage and toll receipts associated with your trip.

If you are driving to the Boston University campus, please record your mileage and save your toll receipts so we can reimburse you based on our standard rate 0.56/mile (gas is included in the rate). We will only reimburse mileage to BU and mileage back home. Reimbursements are available only for your personal travel directly to Boston and back; detours, side-trips, and other travelers or drivers are not eligible for reimbursement.

We will purchase a weekly bus/subway pass for you to use during your stay. You will be staying in housing on the Charles River Campus. There are plenty of ways to get between the Medical Campus and Charles River Campus. The BU Shuttle offers free rides for students Monday–Saturday. Other options include public transportation (MBTA), and the Hubway bike rental system.

Please click here for a map of campus.

Please click here for information on Boston activities.