THINK. Now is the time.

SPH45 features the leading-edge research of the School. Each month, we highlight a department, center, or one of our cross-cutting strategic research directions from our newly updated BUSPH Strategic Map. Areas of research excellence include: cities and health; climate, the planet, and health; health inequities; infectious diseases; and mental and behavioral health.

TEACH. Now is the time.

BUSPH leads in educational excellence and innovation in teaching public health. We aim to teach in a way that is authentic, inclusive, flexible, ongoing, and reflective of changes in the health of the population. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated our widespread use of educational technology, equitable and inclusive pedagogy for faculty and students, and cohesive, science-based curricula that combine foundational learning and practical training.

DO. Now is the time.

BUSPH is committed to moving scholarship into practice and influencing real world change. Aiming to change the conversation on public health, BUSPH renamed its Signature Program Series to Public Health Conversations. Attended by thousands of people annually, these programs engage in conversations on pressing societal issues, elevating the mission of BUSPH and that of public health as a whole. We also are actively engaged in the work of translating the science through our Public Health Post publication, and we are actively engaged in making change happen in the world through the activities of our Activist Lab that catalyze collaborations among students, faculty, staff, alums, and community members.

Support and Celebrate SPH45.

The events of 2020 brought into focus the need for informed and effective public health leadership. The devastating national and global consequences of the pandemic could be traced to underinvestment in public health infrastructure and in the conditions that make people healthy. In response to the challenges of the moment, Boston University School of Public Health launched SPH45. Public Health. Now is the time.

We spent the last year highlighting our research in the most critical areas of public health, elevating the conversation around what it takes to keep people healthy. We featured members of our community who stepped up to support their peers. We spoke with our students—future public health leaders—and our alumni who are already out in the world making a real impact. This is only the most recent part of our story, because the School has been at the forefront of the field for the last 45 years.

The SPH45 Anniversary Celebration will honor the leading-edge research, educational excellence, and real-world influence BUSPH has championed in Boston and around the world. We invite you to celebrate 45 years of excellence with us by donating to SPH45 or joining us on November 18, 2021 for the anniversary event.



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