Custom Programs from Population Health Exchange.

The world’s health needs are changing, and the aspirations of public health are evolving apace.

Population Health Exchange (PHX) embodies Boston University School of Public Health’s commitment to offering comprehensive population health education to the world and serves as a resource for anyone looking to update their skills or deepen their understanding of the pressing public health issues of our time.

PHX Custom Programs

PHX understands that every organization has unique learning needs — ones that may extend beyond our regular program options. That’s why we offer PHX Custom Programs — in person, online and blended programs — specifically developed for your organization. We get to know your workplace, employees, and specific needs and proceed to design and deliver an experience that maximizes professional development in a timeframe that fits your schedule. Preferred Partner organizations receive a 25 percent discount on Custom Programs.

PHX Program Areas

  • Advocacy
  • Communications
  • Data Visualization
  • Environmental Health
  • Epidemiology
  • Seeking & Applying for Funding
  • Health Equity
  • Healthcare Management
  • Health Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Statistical Computing

PHX Faculty

With expertise of 316 world-renowned BUSPH faculty and 10,368 BUSPH accomplished alumni, PHX provides individuals and organizations with cutting-edge knowledge across public health disciplines and practical insights.

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